Connoisseurs Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleaner

Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleaner. Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleansing Formula with Connoisseurs Exclusive Tarnish Control, polishes and protects silver jewellery removing tarnish and adding a layer of anti-tarnish protection. This is the only silver jewellery cleaning formula on the market that does it all. Until now, traditional dips for cleaning silver jewellery may have removed tarnish, but they did not polish and prevent tarnish build-up. Introducing the first and only silver jewellery cleaner that does it all — cleans, polishes and protects from tarnish build-up, thanks to Connoisseurs exclusive Tarnish Control Formula. Just brush, dip and dazzle! How to Use Dazzle Drops Silver Jewellery Cleaner. Place a small amount of the cleaner on the Jewellery Cleaning Brush and gently brush your silver jewellery. Then place jewellery in the Dipping Scoop and rinse. Everything fits neatly back into the Rinsing Container until the next use. Each cleaner comes with a clear acrylic Cleansing/Rinsing Container, a great-grip Jewellery Cleaning Brush and an easy-to-use Dipping Scoop to lower jewellery into the Cleansing/Rinsing Container. Please note: All Dazzle Drops Jewellery Cleaners are biodegradable and non-toxic. Each is enough for 50 cleanings.

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