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Connoisseurs are the global leaders in jewellery cleaning. From ensuring your diamonds stay sparkling, to cleaning any type of gold, silver, bronze or base metal jewellery, Connoisseurs are truly a leader in its field.


These easy to use and innovative products have revolutionised the jewellery cleaning industry, offering customers and retailers a quick, easy and efficient way to keep your jewellery clean and in top condition.


The Dalvey brand originated in Scotland in 1897, and has undergone quite an evolution. They began by manufacturing highland bagpipes under the name Duncan MacRae founded by Sir Patrick Grant. Perfecting craft skills and precision-engineering this laid the foundations for its progression towards men’s accessories.


Dalvey create versatile, modern and classic pieces that make a statement of exceptional design and quality.


Enamel Jewellery is our passion at Nicole Barr. A passion and a commitment to the finest quality jewellery since the company started in 1982.

Today our commitment to the design and construction of vibrant, colourful jewellery and cufflinks whilst maintain the highest possible quality from our state-of-the-art factory.

We hope you enjoy discovering the beauty and artistry of the Nicole Barr Collection.


Hugo Boss has expanded their fashion empire into exquisite and stylish jewellery pieces.

Their ethos is simple, timeless designs matched with exceptional quality. With a vast selection of pens, keyrings and folders to bracelets and necklaces, they provide an array of accessories for both men and women.

Whether you are seeking the perfect accessory to add the finishing touches to an outfit or wanting to purchase a sleek pen as a gift for a friend, the Hugo Boss accessory collection is synonymous with style, opulence and luxury.