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Stones the Jewellers was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Julie Hallinan in the picturesque coastal town of Lytham in Lancashire.


Stones The Jewellers is renowned for its warm, welcoming team and highly skilled expertise in jewellery and watches. It’s this sentiment that keeps our loyal and wonderful customers returning to us time and time again.


Stocking some of the worlds most desirable collections of jewellery, high class brands and watches, Stones The Jewellers caters for every occasion whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, christening or a small token for that special someone.


From engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings, all our diamonds are ethically sourced and hand selected to ensure the highest possible standard. Our diamond specialists in store are available to offer honest and reliable advice when choosing your special purchase.

Julie Hallinan




Derived from a passion and keen eye for fine jewellery Julie finally decided to launch her own exclusive independent jewellery store in the heart of Lytham.


With Julie’s clear appreciation for jewellery and exquisite eye for detail matched with a skill for business and a determination to prove she had what it takes, there really was no stopping her and with this philosophy, it wasn’t long before everything appropriately fell into place.


All Julie needed was the ideal location to open up her dream store and of course, not long after, fate granted her with the prime location on Lytham’s most prestigious street.



The story of how Stones the Jewellers was named really does induce those goose bump moments we all get in life.


After deliberating on a number of different possible names, nothing was clicking. Julie knew she needed a name which instilled a feeling of credence and familiarity. A name that rolled off the tongue and not something generic that people could easily forget.


After weeks of pondering she had almost given up hope and decided to throw caution to the wind and leave it with the hands of fate. One evening after reaching for a stray book on her kitchen countertop Julie closed her eyes and pointed to the first page she randomly opened. Julie was astonished by the name staring back at her, and more to the point wondered why she’d never even considered the name herself! Of course, her finger did indeed land upon the word Stones, which is actually Julie’s birth name and also fits so adequately with the company concept.


It just goes to show, occasionally, the very things we are searching for in life are sometimes right under our very nose!



Unparalleled and unrivalled customer service is at the heart of what we believe in. You will find our highly skilled team friendly, personable and always greeting our customers with a smile.


Stones the Jewellers values are all about making the customer journey as comfortable and welcoming as possible, whilst maintaining our knowledge and expertise of service and brand awareness.


Our duty of care doesn’t stop once you have made your purchase; our customers are welcome to pop in to seek our personal aftercare service.


From having a diamond ring cleaned or adjusting the links on a watchstrap no job is too small or too timely.

Our duty of care doesn’t stop once you have made your purchase; our customers are welcome to pop in to seek our personal aftercare service.